Artist Statement

There is a complete freedom of expression in fine art that you never find in the commercial art world. After many years in this commercial arena, I found myself wanting to create pieces of work purely for my own satisfaction, without the need for client approval or needing to consider a marketing agenda. This freedom has allowed me to find my own style and medium quite quickly.

The development of style, for some, is a difficult thing. But, for me it has been almost instantaneous and entirely natural. I never consider if a piece of work fits my style, because everything I create comes from the subconscious, so the process happens instinctively, without deliberation.

Everything I have done during the last thirty-five years has led me to the point at which I now find myself. The desire to create my own fine art pieces is now far too strong to ignore. Every skill I have learned along the way contributes somehow to the images I am now producing: the designer’s eye for composition, the photographer’s ability to capture and frame the moment, the retoucher’s ability to compile several images into one using Photoshop, the technician’s sense for colour and extended tonal ranges, and the illustrator’s eye for form and function, colour palettes, light and shade.

The combination of all these elements makes my work somewhat unique, at least in terms of genre. Its source is the photographic image, but most of my pieces become a collage of several images in order to achieve the feel and composition I am looking for. I rework them in Photoshop to redefine the colour palette and to achieve a painterly quality, constantly adding texture along the way. This is not to simply copy the look of a painting, but is intended to provide the feel that I cannot achieve solely within the confines of the photographic medium. In essence then, the images are a hybrid photograph and painting, achieved and delivered in what I believe to be an exciting, relatively new and utterly legitimate medium: digital.

I output my images on my own large format Epson Printer. I adore this new technology. My old darkroom from years gone by has been replaced by an array of inkjet media that offer the artist seemingly endless possibilities.

Given my background and experience, it’s a world in which I am entirely comfortable.